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Thanks to the commitment and passion, since 1988 we have been following and selecting the production of the best Sicilian Master Ceramists.
Words are often not enough to make you grasp to the end the harmony that each of our products manages to form and for this reason we will let our creations speak entirely Made and Painted by Hand.
The light, the simple profiles and the refined Hand Decorations confer with personality, enhancing the environment that surrounds them.
Our Sicilian ceramics are modeled and painted by hand through a complex manufacturing process, in order to create unique artistic artifacts, destined to become treasures of the past tomorrow.
You are inside the large virtual shop with direct sale of the Sicilian Ceramics of Caltagirone where you will find the most complete exhibition of ceramic works, strictly Handmade , selected for you among the best masters Sicilian Ceramists .
Finally, you can order the Sicilian Ceramics of Caltagirone while remaining comfortably seated in your home.
Moor's Heads, Sicilian Pine Cones, Ceramic Pot Holders, Sicilian Majolica and much more that you can buy in total autonomy or followed by experts who will help you until the order is completed.
Attention to detail and Hand Decoration assign a poetic value to the artifact. The presence of any imperfections makes the value of Authenticity and highlights its manual execution, making Unique and Exclusive each object.
The dimensions indicated in the product description are indicative and subject to slight variations during the cooking.

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