Half Pinecone in Sicilian Ceramics from Caltagirone

  • Decoration: Multicolor
  • Dimensions: L 25 cm x H 25 cm
  • Internal diameter cm 20
  • Fire signed
  • Modeled and decorated by hand

Meaning and History of Sicilian Ceramic Pine Cones

The ornamental ceramic pine cones modeled and painted in hand depict the Fruit of the pine, and in various civilizations they have always contained within themselves symbolic meanings .

Popular Sicilian tradition believes that it is useful to give Pine Cones as a wish for abundance, prosperity and fertility and remain an exclusive way of expressing a deep wish for well-being.

Today, revisited and stylized, they are used as precious and refined furnishing objects that give liveliness and class to any environment even modern .

Born from the skilled hands of local artisans and exported all over the world,
today the Ceramic Pine Cones are together with the Ceramic Heads the symbols of Sicily par excellence, certainly the most characteristic.

The Ceramic pine cones of Caltagirone are recognized all over the world, an icon of style and trend, the result of centuries-old tradition and studied craftsmanship

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Every Creation, a Story

In each piece of Sicilian Moor's Heads, you find more than just ceramics: discover a journey through Sicilian history, culture and art, enclosed in unique creations that speak to the heart. Our dedication is reflected in the selection of the best master ceramists of Caltagirone, committed to transforming clay into masterpieces that enchant and inspire. With Teste di Moro Siciliane, you not only purchase a design object, but you bring a fragment of authentic Sicily into your life, rich in passion and tradition. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of our ceramics and the values ​​that support our brand: quality, authenticity, and a constant commitment to sustainability.