Teste Di Moro Siciliane


Sicilian ceramic heads from Caltagirone

  • Fruit and Flower Decoration
  • Modeled and painted by hand
  • Sign in flame
  • Dimensions: L. 25 x H. 40 cm

The Sicilian Moor's heads, also commonly called "Moor's heads", are ceramic sculptures representing an African man with a turban on his head and a bearded face.

The origin of Moor heads dates back to the period of Arab domination of Sicily, which lasted from 827 to 1091. The Arabs brought with them a strong cultural influence, which was also reflected in the art and craftsmanship of the region.

It is said that Moor's heads were used as umbrella stands or ashtrays in Sicilian aristocratic homes during the period of Arab domination. However, as time passed, these sculptures became more and more popular and began to be used as simple decorative objects.

Over the centuries, Moor's heads have become a symbol of Sicilian culture, so much so that they are considered an icon of the island itself. Today, they can be found in many Sicilian homes, especially in coastal areas.

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Every Creation, a Story

In each piece of Sicilian Moor's Heads, you find more than just ceramics: discover a journey through Sicilian history, culture and art, enclosed in unique creations that speak to the heart. Our dedication is reflected in the selection of the best master ceramists of Caltagirone, committed to transforming clay into masterpieces that enchant and inspire. With Teste di Moro Siciliane, you not only purchase a design object, but you bring a fragment of authentic Sicily into your life, rich in passion and tradition. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of our ceramics and the values ​​that support our brand: quality, authenticity, and a constant commitment to sustainability.